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Current Projects

I have some exciting projects in the works that I can't wait to share soon. Including:

- 'More Than Just A Van' is a hybrid film that is part music video, part documentary. Dealing with discussion around grief, my own songwriting and music as an artist will take us through the narrative. This is funded by the Youth Music 'Next Gen' fund, and is a collaboration with the film company 'Tell Studio'. George will act as the composer and co-director for this project. Filming is completed with the cut underway currently.

- Cut Short is a feature film/documentary  that tells the truth of knife crime in Leeds through two stories of lived experience. A collaborations With Tell studio, currently in the edit phase. George will act as the composer for this project.

- TEABREAK is an immersive cross-cross-dicipline audio and dance  experience that will tour the festival circuit this summer. George will act as a sound designer and composer to develop a 20 minute audio piece to accompany a dance performance. The project will investigate tea, what it means to different people, how it has travelled to our cups and the history behind it. This will be explored creatively with interviews, music and dance, with the audience listening with headphones whilst drinking tea themselves. A collaboration with Trigger, a diverse team of cross-disciplinary artists that create and produce bold and brave live and digital events.

Production Music Placements