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About My Work

Where sound design meets composition

I have always been interested in all aspects of sound. Taking influence from the technical instrument design taught in my Audio Engineering degree, and the creative flair encouraged in my Music Production MA, I have been exploring the exciting relationship between sound design and composition. I have studied sound design, spatial audio, recording techniques modules. I have put these skills into practice in a professional context, with experience working as a sound assistant on Channel 4's Emmerdale, helping with all aspects of sound recording including boom operation. On the other side of things, I have worked as both the composer and sound designer for the feature documentary film 'The Journey To the East'. 

More recently, for my MA final project I focused on creating new sample instruments using the 'Kontakt' sampler out of field recordings and unusual existing instruments. This explored the creative possibilities of sample instrument development, where it is possible to take an audio file, and spread this pitch over the length of a keyboard to create a new playable instrument, with all the characteristics of the natural recording. On a 6 week road trip throughout Europe in my camper van, I embarked with a variety of recording equipment to find interesting sounds and manipulate them into even more interesting instruments, truly blurring the line between sound design and composition.


I have started to publish some of my sample instruments on Pianobook for free download. I've been inspired by many other peoples instruments so its good to share! The first instrument I have shared has been downloaded over 750 times currently. You can watch a bit about how it was developed in the YouTube video. Link to download the instrument:

Sample Instrument Sound Design Roadtrip - Organic Reverb Experiments (Free download on Pianobook)
Taoism's World Changing Wisdom [DOCUMENTARY]
George Thompson

Taoism's World Changing Wisdom [DOCUMENTARY]

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